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Our mission: To prevent injuries to children in and around the home.

While it sounds simple enough, sometimes keeping your children safe is easier said than done. Kids play. Kids climb. Kids run. And occasionally? Kids get hurt. Our goal is to help you - parents, grandparents, caregivers, and anyone else - make your home as safe and injury-free as possible.

Charlie’s House offers a number of resources for making your home safer:

Charlie's Checklist
This is where it all started - a simple, no-frills list highlighting home-safety improvements you can make yourself.

Charlie's YouTube Channel

Charlie's Virtual House
Here, you can take an interactive, virtual 3D tour through our safety demonstration home.

Demonstration House
Coming soon! Plans are underway to build a real-life safety house, complete with demonstrations, exhibits, and children's safety resources around every corner.

Safety Tip of the Month

The Story of Charlie

On November 1, 2007, Charlie Horn, a 2-year-old Kansas City boy, was killed when he attempted to climb a 30" dresser in his home. It was through this tragedy that Charlie's House was born. Learn more about Charlie's House »